Certificate ProgramLEVEL2 - Marketing

About our Certificate

CamboW has partnered with the ZtoA Group to offer the Remote Work Professional certificate course in marketing, business, IT Solutions and management, a series of specialized trainings which combine online work with interactive workshops. 

This educational program is designed to equip working professionals with the tools and skills needed to work from home as remote professionals or entrepreneurs. Specific objectives and outcomes for each module of the course are identified at the beginning of each set of modules.

ABOUt this training
LEVEL 2 - marketing

Nowadays, the importance of Marketing Training is not only to enhance personal portfolios but also multiplex and optimize the skillset to compete with the variable trend in the industry.

Higher education is struggling to keep pace with the rate of change in the marketing industry and businesses of all sizes and across all industries are feeling the impact.

Building and developing your marketing skills with this online marketing course that covers topics like analytics, customer behavior and branding strategies.



10 Modules

Each module elaborates different useful topics for remote professionals.

720 Minutes of Video Course

We also provide videos to assist remote professional better understanding the content.

30 Days Internship Training

Intensive training on marketing is provided in this program.

  • Module 1: Content Marketing
  • Module 2: Social Media

  • Module 3: Online Marketing

  • Module 4: Paid Media

  • Module 5: Data Analytics

  • Module 6: Branding

  • Module 7: Marketing Strategy

  • Module 8: Customer Relationship

  • Module 9: Communications

  • Module 10: Personal Presentation & Image
Upon completing this program, you will join a growing online community of remote work professionals that support each other by sharing best practices and job opportunities.