Why would CamboW matter to you.

Why CamboW

The concept of working, sharing, and living allows entrepreneurs, professionals, innovators, and the younger generation to totally tear through barriers and achieve great things. 

Working across the desk, meeting experts, conversing to stay ahead of the curve with various referral networks, strong chances of driving a fresh mindset and growing passion. Along with the productive atmosphere and fully furnished co-live room, CamboW works beyond just a space; it is a community that everyone appreciates being a part of.



Light up hopes. Make dreams come true.

       CAMBOW | OUR MISSION        

We provide the best options for a joyful workday and a peaceful night's rest. Convert your vision to action with working space and improve the quality of life with living space.

Work x Live together with technology to provide the digital nomad flexibility work whenever inspiration knocks.

CamboW, Best for Work and Rest.

Management Team

Meet the people who make incredibility works

Kenny Tang
Kenny TangFounder x CEO
Florence Wu
Florence WuSenior Project Manager (Asia Pacific)
Keven Tep
Keven TepProgrammer (PP)
Cheryl Lau
Cheryl LauSenior Business Development Manager (UK)
Queenie Yung
Queenie YungSenior Digital Marketing Manager
Prum Rakmonynich Lim
Prum Rakmonynich Lim Marketing Intern (PP)
Cokimi Fan
Cokimi FanSenior Business Development Manager (HK)
Mich Mongkul
Mich MongkulDevelopment Team
Borik Lay
Borik LayGraphic Designer Intern (PP)